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Welcome aboard!

Welcome to your new favourite sci-fi podcast. Whether you like fantasy on TV, blockbuster superhero films, or books about spaceships, we’ve got something for you. Landing on all the major podcast platforms every two weeks, it’s like a geeky entertainment magazine in audio form. 


It’s hosted by journalists and presenters you’ll recognise from SFX magazine, Digital Spy, MCM, FanExpo, Pocket Gamer and more. Richard Edwards, Dave Bradley and Tanavi Patel invite you to join them and their industry guests, as each podcast episode they deliver what-to-watch recommendations and look back at a classic of the genre.

You can listen to all the episodes here on the site - check out the playlist below - or find them on your preferred podcast platform, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor and Spotify. Click on any of these icons to take you to the leading podcast providers. If you get a kick out of listening to our sci-fi chat, please consider leaving a review on the podcast platform of your choice, we really appreciate it. Thank you!

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