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Did our podcast pals enjoy the start of Picard season two?

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Star Trek Picard is back and so is the How Picard Can It Be? podcast, where you can hear our Dave contribute words about Star Trek this week

Make it so! Yes, Jean-Luc is back in the latest episode of Star Trek Picard. Season two began in the UK last week with a cracking first episode ("The Star Gazer") that reintroduces some classic characters, as well as showing us what happened to our crew of misfits from 2020’s season one.

In short? We loved it. And so did the hosts of How Picard Can It Be?, a podcast from Chris and Jenny Phin, long-time friends of Robby The Robot’s Waiting. How Picard Can It Be? is a fun show that chats about all things Star Trek and sci-fi, inspired by the Patrick Stewart-starring TV show. It’s well worth subscribing to, and you can find it on, just like Robby.

Join us on the bridge

Chris and Jenny kindly invited Robby co-host and former SFX magazine editor-in-chief Dave Bradley onto their 15th episode, to record a segment about the return of Picard. You can listen to this now, and hear Dave (from about 14:02) talk about the different types of starships and his recollections of meeting Brent Spiner and Denise Crosby at events. Dave also mentions the appearance of Whoopi Goldberg, the role of the synthetics in the galaxy, comparisons with The Wrath Of Khan and more.

Meanwhile Chris and Jenny cover the assured pace of this episode, how Picard gets into space much quicker this season, the return of doggo Number One, the self destruct sequence, and the rights and wrongs of senior citizens’ love lives. “Chateau Picard is my happy place,” says Jenny, which surely we all agree about. They also talk about where real science overlaps with science fiction and recommend some non-Star Trek science fiction media you might like to dive into.

Listen to the How Picard Can It Be? episode above or find it on

Chris and Jenny are on Twitter as @HowPicard. It’s also worth checking out the recent SFX magazine which has an exclusive Picard cover. Star Trek Picard is available on Paramount+ in the US and Amazon Prime in the UK. Engage!

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