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Where to hear us as guests on other podcasts

If you enjoy Robby The Robot’s Waiting, join us beyond the podcast! Your three hosts have popped up on other places around the web...

If you’ve been enjoying Robby The Robot’s Waiting and would like to hear more from your hosts, here are some friendly links you should follow.

Occasionally we’re invited to chat about science fiction, fantasy, films and games on other people’s podcasts. In the last few months we recorded these episodes as guests on other channels. Please give them a listen, support our friends, and hear what Dave, Tanavi and Richard have to say in these other contexts.

Journey Through Sci-Fi

The whole Robby team (Richard, Tanavi and Dave) join the Journey Through Sci-Fi podcast to talk about dystopian visions of America, specifically the movies Escape From New York and Blade Runner 2049.


Dave records a short segment about Picard for this fun Star Trek podcast, How Picard Can It Be?, hosted by Chris and Jenny Phin.

Random Trek

Dave joins this episode of Random Trek, from The Incomparable network, to chat about Star Trek: Enterprise.

Episode 240 “Fight or Flight”:

Pods Like Us

Martin "Marv" Quibell, podcast addict and host of Pods Like Us, invited all three of us to talk about our background, work on SFX, and founding Robby The Robot’s Waiting.

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital [video]

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects, a conference for the mobile games industry, Richard and Tanavi joined Dave as well as former Robby guests Kelly Vero and Louis Savy (plus Houston Howard and Stefan Kreutzer) to talk about how science fiction has predicted the coming of the metaverse.

Beyond Games [video]

What technology from sci-fi are we hoping to see in our lifetime? That was the question posed to the digital entertainment industry by the 2021 Beyond Games conference. Dave hosted a panel with Tanavi and Richard plus authors Jaine Fenn and Guy Haley (another former Robby guest) and Steel Media CEO Chris James.

Enjoy! We hope there'll be more – watch this space.


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